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Using our core services, applications and proven IT support model, Computer Technology Services, can provide your firm with anything from fully managed services to project-based support.

Our approach with our clients is to obtain a detailed understanding of their business, strategy and information technology dependencies - both immediate and long term to ensure a stable network and platform on which we can introduce appropriate IT solutions and IT services.

We provide fully managed services that cover the key IT requirements that your business has, including day-to-day support, network administration, IT consultancy, computer support, server configuration, trouble shooting and planning. CTS's approach to IT services enables us to deploy the resources required in a totally flexible, cost-efficient way.

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     01 - 8075720

     01 - 8075720

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     11 Applewood Sq.,
     Applewood Village,
     Co. Dublin

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     General Information: query@cts-online.com
     Customer Support:
     Webmaster: webmaster@cts-online.com.com

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